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Emily Nave

February Trivia #2: Facebook "Likes" are Currency (Win a copy of The Like Economy by Brian Carter)

By Emily NaveFeb 21, 2012

Facebook is a marketing tool unlike any the world has seen before because positivity is part of its DNA.

Laura Norman

More of Your Favorite iOS Features Coming to a Mac Near You

By Laura NormanFeb 17, 2012

Apple quietly released a developer preview of the next version of the OS X software February 16, 2012 - that new version has been dubbed OS X Mountain Lion. So what is this next big cat bringing to your Mac?

Emily Nave

February Trivia #1: Google This

By Emily NaveFeb 7, 2012

Google+ recently hit 100 million members and has social media enthusiasts and analysts buzzing. Why? Linked to the number 1 and number 2 search engines in the world (Google and YouTube), Google+ is incredibly powerful.

Loretta Yates

Ignite your interest with Kindle Fire!

By Loretta YatesFeb 2, 2012

Do you have a Kindle Fire? Know someone who does? Amazon's latest tablet device boasts a ton of features that deserve investigation. Don't miss this interview with Jim Cheshire, author of My Kindle Fire, where he dishes on what's covered and how it will help you master the device.

Laura Norman

Does the iPhone 4S Measure Up?

By Laura NormanOct 20, 2011

Whether you pre-ordered your iPhone 4S in order to receive it on the 14th or stood in line like me, now that you you have it in hand, what do you think of this cutting edge piece of technology? Did it meet your expectations?

Jason Falls

10 Ways To Spot Bullshit In Social Media Vendors

By Jason FallsAug 10, 2011

In 1964, Beat Generation poet and newly-crowned author du jour Ken Kesey packed a merry band of friends into a van and led the group across the U.S. en route to the New York World's Fair. Tripping on LSD most of the way, the Merry Pranksters set out to enlighten America.

Timothy Warner

How Effectively is Your Company Using WebEx?

By Timothy L. WarnerAug 4, 2011

In today’s world of the virtual team, WebEx collaboration/videoconferencing software has become almost ubiquitous in business. In my professional experience, I have observed an almost across-the-board learning curve problem with respect to organizational efficiency with WebEx.

Erik Deckers

Why Companies are Afraid of Social Media

By Erik DeckersAug 4, 2011

"We don't do social media, because people might say bad things about us," the executive said. "If we have a Facebook page, people might leave negative comments on it."

"They're already saying bad things about you," I said. "Whether you're on it or not, people are complaining about you, and they're telling as many of their friends as they can."

The rest of the conversation went as expected. Reason after reason. Excuse after excuse. We're not on social media because. . .  we don't do social media because we. . . it's only for young people. . .

Laura Norman

Lions, and iClouds, and iOS Updates, Oh My!

By Laura NormanJun 7, 2011

June 5th at WWDC in San Francisco, Apple announced their latest updates to Mac OS X, and iOS for mobile devices, as well as the new iCloud service that replaces MobileMe and further integrates all your computing and mobile devices. I was again glued to my MacBook watching each update roll in from the guys at MacWorld.

Lisa Jacobson-Brown

Ten Reasons I ADORE My NOOKcolor

By Lisa Jacobson-BrownApr 25, 2011

I used to be one of those people who swore up and down they’d never get an eReader. I like the feel of the paper, I would say. I just don’t think I could feel comfortable reading from a screen. Once the NOOKcolor made its debut, I was all over it like a fly…ok, well, I was all over it. I literally cried when my family bought me one for the holidays this year. Here are the top ten reasons I love my eReader:

Laura Norman

Are iPad 2 Features a Hit or a Miss?

By Laura NormanMar 7, 2011

So, the big announcement about iPad 2 came on March 2nd just as promised, and Steve Jobs seems extremely proud of the new iPad device that will begin shipping on Friday (March 11). How about you? Do you think they did enough? If you own one, is there enough new stuff to make you ditch your iPad 1 and go for the new, slimmer model?

Kyle Lacy

10 Reasons Why LinkedIn is Powerful for Personal Branding

By Kyle LacyFeb 24, 2011

LinkedIn is a powerful tool. It incorporates all the features one needs for networking, job searching, sales, and employees. You can also utilize LinkedIn to connect with old friends or colleagues.

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