The Easy Series:
See it Done, Do it Yourself

See it done. Do it yourself. It's that easy! Easy series teaches you the fundamentals of working with computer software and operating systems. Fully-illustrated steps with simple instructions guide you through the technology from start to finish. No need to feel intimidated—we'll hold your hand every step of the way.

Each part of these books is made up of a series of short, instructional lessons, designed to help you understand basic information that you will need to get the most out of your computer hardware and software. Each tasks includes a series of quick, easy steps that will guide you through the procedure. Items that you select or click in menus, dialog boxes, tabs and windows are shown in bold. Introductions to each chapter explain what you will learn in each task, and give you tips and hints or extra information that you may need while working through a task. Even key words are highlighted for quick reference.

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Easy Windows 10, 2nd Edition
Easy Office 2016
Easy Windows 10
Easy OS X Mavericks
Easy Windows 8.1

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Organizing Your Life (from Easy Mac OS X Snow Leopard)

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