The Sams Teach Yourself Series:
When You Only Have Time for the Answers

Whatever your need and whatever your time frame, there's a Sams Teach Yourself book or video for you. You can get up to speed on just about any new product or technology—in the absolute shortest period of time possible. Learn more about the Sams Teach Yourself series of learning products:

In 24 Hours:
Sams Teach Yourself in 24 Hours is a tutorial that takes the reader through 24 easy one-hour lessons. Aimed at beginners to the technology being covered, the 24 Hours titles focus on programming languages and complex applications.

In 21 Days:
Sams Teach Yourself in 21 Days is a thorough self-paced tutorial aimed at technology professionals who are learning a new technology. Topics covered in the 21 Days titles focus on programming languages and databases.

In 10 Minutes:
Sams Teach Yourself in 10 Minutes offers straightforward, practical answers when you need fast results. It's the perfect pocket guide for programmers or IT Pros. These small booklets of 250 pages or less offer tips that point out shortcuts and solutions; Cautions that help you avoid common pitfalls; and Notes that explain additional concepts, and provide additional information. They are a perfect way to get up to speed on common programming and administrative tasks.

In a Snap:
Sams Teach Yourself in a Snap is new to the Sams Teach Yourself series offering a unique 2-color format allowing readers to solve problems by identifying individual tasks quickly. Aimed at beginners, In a Snap titles cover consumer applications and operating systems.

All in One:
Sams Teach Yourself All in One is a new approach to the big reference books that assumes readers want to learn to use multiple technologies together. Aimed at beginners, All in One titles cover operating systems and web/graphics topics.