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Using Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

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Using Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Pages: 360
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4558-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4558-3

The new version of Office for Mac is Microsoft’s most collaborative, compatible, and easy-to-use version for Mac to date--bringing the Mac version on an even level with Office 2010 for the PC while remaining truly Mac-like. Using Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac explains the tasks you need to perform if you must switch between platforms, as well as the rich, new features in this version if you are upgrading from an older Mac version. Using Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac is broken into five sections--one section for each of the four applications and a fifth section on Document Connection that teaches you how to use the collaboration features of Office via SharePoint or SkyDrive. For Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, each section includes an introductory chapter to get you comfortable with the basics and subsequent chapters that teach you how to enhance your work and use productivity tools. Additionally, online audio and video instruction enhance the book by explaining additional topics and demonstrating real-world tasks.

Sample Content

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 12 and Index)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Getting Started with Word

Selecting a Document Template

Exploring the Word Window

    Touring the Menus

    Getting Familiar with the Toolbars

    Getting Familiar with the Ribbon

    Changing the View

    Deciphering the Status Bar

    Viewing Other Screen Features

Working with Documents

    Creating a New Document

    Saving a Document

    Printing a Document

    E-mailing a Document

Creating Special Documents from Templates

Setting Preferences for Word

    Exploring the Preferences Dialog Box

    Setting a Few Preferences

Chapter 2 Editing Documents


    Using Scroll Bars

    Using Keystrokes to Navigate

    Using Browse Objects

    Using Window Techniques

Finding and Replacing Text

Deleting, Copying, and Moving

    Deleting Text

    Copying and Pasting Text

    Moving Text

Checking Spelling and Grammar

Chapter 3 Formatting Documents

Formatting the Page

    Setting Margins and Headers and Footers

    Setting Layout Options

    Setting Paper Size and Orientation

    Setting Page Formats Using the Ribbon

    Using Themes

Formatting Characters

Formatting Paragraphs

Using Styles

    Applying Styles

    Modifying Styles

    Creating a User-Defined Style

Inserting Graphics

Using Columns

Working with Tables

    Creating a Table

    Setting Table Properties

    Moving Around and Entering Text in a Table

    Fine-Tuning the Structure of a Table

    Formatting Tables

Creating Envelopes and Labels

Chapter 4 Exploring Other Features

Using the AutoCorrect Components

    Using AutoCorrect

    Using AutoFormat As You Type

Using AutoText

Using the Thesaurus

Creating a Macro

Flagging for Follow-Up

Working with Photos

    Adding a Photograph to a Document

    Resizing and Cropping Photographs

    Adding Borders and Styles

    Adjusting Photos

    Using Filters

    Removing the Background of a Photograph

    Adding Effects to Photos

    Resetting a Photograph

Working with Layers

Chapter 5 Using the Notebook

Creating and Customizing a Notebook

Setting Up the Notebook

    Renaming Tabs

    Adding Tabs

    Deleting Tabs

    Specifying Colors for Tabs

    Using Page Numbers

Storing Information

    Typing and Organizing Information

    Inserting Outlook Information

    Recording Audio


    Inserting Media from the Media Browser

Managing Your Information

    Flagging Text

    Sorting Text

    Creating an Outlook Task

    Searching for Text

Chapter 6 Creating Documents for Publication

Examining the Publishing Layout View

Creating a New Publication

    Using a Blank Template

    Using a Designed Template

    Saving a Publication

Setting Up the Graphic Environment

    Setting Options for Nonprinting Guides

    Getting Acquainted with the Publishing Tools

Laying Out a Publication

    Creating Master Pages

    Creating Content Pages

Inserting and Working with Text Boxes

    Adding the Story to the Linked Text Boxes

    Breaking a Story into Two Stories

    Deleting a Text Box in a Linked Set

    Formatting Text Boxes

Inserting and Working with Shapes

    Changing the Style of a Shape

    Changing to a Different Shape

    Changing the Fill and Outline

Inserting and Working with SmartArt

    Modifying a SmartArt Graphic

    Changing the Style of a SmartArt Graphic

    Changing the Color of a SmartArt Graphic

    Resetting a SmartArt Graphic

Inserting Media from the Media Browser

    Getting Acquainted with the Photos Tab

    Getting Acquainted with the Audio Tab

    Getting Acquainted with the Movies Tab

    Getting Acquainted with the Clip Art Tab

    Getting Acquainted with the Symbols Tab

    Getting Acquainted with the Shapes Tab

Manipulating the Objects in a Publication

    Changing the Stacking Order of Objects

    Resizing Objects

    Aligning Objects

    Distributing Objects

    Rotating and Flipping Objects

    Grouping Objects

Chapter 7 Using E-mail

Exploring the Mail Interface

Understanding the Client/Server Relationship

Viewing and Reading E-mail

Opening and Saving Attachments

Sending Messages: The Basics

    Composing a New Message

    Sending Replies to Messages

    Forwarding a Message

    Changing Your Mind

Sending Messages with Bells and Whistles

    Attaching Files and Inserting Pictures

    Selecting the Message's Format

    Formatting the Text

    Using a Background Color

    Using a Background Photo or Picture

    Assigning a Priority

    Using Signatures

Finding Messages

    Sorting Messages

    Grouping Messages in Conversations


    Searching for Messages with the Spotlight

Deleting Messages

Handling Junk Mail

Working with Folders

Chapter 8 Using Contacts

Exploring the Contacts Interface

Adding Contacts to the Address Book

Finding Contacts

    Sorting Contacts

    Using a Spotlight Search

    Using Contacts Search

Communicating with Contacts

Editing and Deleting Contacts

Editing the Contact Form

Sending an Electronic Business Card

Sending Mass E-mails

Categorizing Contacts

    Editing Categories

    Assigning and Removing Categories

    Viewing Contacts by Category

Printing the Address Book

Using Folders

Chapter 9 Using the Calendar

Exploring the Calendar Window

Viewing and Navigating the Calendar

    Changing the View


Creating Appointments and Meetings

    Creating a Recurring Appointment

    Creating an Event

    Scheduling a Meeting

Searching for Appointments

Editing and Deleting Appointments

Printing the Calendar

Using My Day

Chapter 10 Using Tasks and Notes

Exploring the Tasks and Notes Windows

Using Tasks

    Creating Tasks

    Editing and Deleting Tasks

    Viewing Tasks

    Marking a Task as Complete

Using Notes

    Editing and Deleting Notes

    Viewing Notes

    E-mailing Notes

Chapter 11 Getting Started with PowerPoint

Using Themes and Templates

Exploring the PowerPoint Window

Building the Presentation

    Creating a Presentation One Slide at a Time

    Creating a Presentation from an Outline

    Creating a Presentation with Both Methods

Saving a Presentation

Modifying the Presentation

    Editing a Slide

    Deleting a Slide

    Duplicating a Slide

    Changing the Slide Order

    Hiding a Slide

    Adding Notes to a Slide

    Changing the Theme

Presenting the Show

Chapter 12 Creating Sophisticated Presentations

Grouping Slides in Sections

Adding Tables, Charts, and SmartArt

    Inserting a Table

    Inserting a Chart

    Inserting SmartArt

Using Actions

Adding Animation and Transitions

    Adding Animation to Presentations

    Adding Transitions Between Slides

Adding Audio and Video

    Adding Audio to a Presentation

    Adding Video to a Presentation

Creating and Presenting Custom Slide Shows

Polishing Your Presentation Skills

    Presenting with Presenter View

My Top Five Tips

Chapter 13 Getting Started with Excel

Exploring the Window

Entering and Editing Data in Cells

    Editing Data

    Deleting Data

    Copying, Cutting, and Pasting Cells

    Enlisting Excel's Help Entering Data

    Entering Comments

Working with Formulas

    Constructing a Formula

    Understanding the Order of Precedence

    Using a Function

    Entering a Formula or Function

    Copying Formulas

    Correcting Formula Errors

Printing a Worksheet

    Setting the Page Layout and Print Options

    Previewing the Sheet Before Printing

    Sending the Sheet to Print

Chapter 14 Enhancing Worksheets

Configuring the Worksheet for Your Data

    Changing the Column Width

    Changing the Row Height

    Merging and Centering Cells

    Inserting and Deleting Columns and Rows

    Inserting and Deleting Cells

    Hiding and Unhiding Columns and Rows


    Formatting the Font

    Changing the Alignment

    Changing the Orientation

    Wrapping Text in a Cell

    Using Number Formats

    Using Styles

    Using Conditional Formatting

Working with Large Worksheets

    Freezing and Unfreezing Panes

    Splitting the Pane

Working with Charts and Graphic Elements

    Working with Charts

    Inserting and Deleting Sparklines

    Inserting and Deleting SmartArt

    Adding Media

Chapter 15 Working with Databases and Multiple Worksheets

Creating a Database

    Sorting Data

    Filtering a Database

Working with Additional Sheets

    Adding and Renaming Sheets

    Deleting a Sheet

    Copying a Sheet

    Moving a Sheet

    Hiding and Unhiding a Sheet

Working with Grouped Sheets

    Grouping Sheets

    Ungrouping Sheets

Using 3D Formulas

    Using the Proper Syntax for 3D Formulas

    Entering 3D Formulas by Pointing

Chapter 16 Using Review Features

Examining the Editorial Process

Reviewing Word Documents

    Author: Getting a Document Ready for an Editor

    Editor: Making Changes to the Document

    Author: Reviewing the Edits

Reviewing Excel Workbooks

    Author: Getting a Workbook Ready for an Editor

    Editor: Making Changes to the Workbook

    Author: Reviewing the Worksheet Edits

Reviewing PowerPoint Presentations

Chapter 17 Collaborating

Surveying the Collaboration Landscape

Using Microsoft Document Connection

    Exploring the Document Connection Window

    Putting Files on SkyDrive

    Working with Files in the Cloud

    Collaborating on SkyDrive Files

Broadcasting a PowerPoint Presentation

Remote Desktop

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