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Lonzell Watson

These days, most people reach for their phone rather than their camera when something interesting comes into view. But with modern casual photography, the captured photo doesn't have to be the final version of the image. Lonzell Watson, author of My Amazon Fire Phone, explains how to alter your photos with your Fire phone, producing results that rival the images you could capture with a dedicated camera. It may not be Photoshop, but the Fire offers a lot of great visual effects.

Eric Butow

If you use a number of Google services on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, the device contains the pre-installed Google Settings app, so you can change all your Google settings within that one app. Eric Butow, author of My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, shows you how to log in to all Google apps with one Google+ account.

Eric Butow

When the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 was updated to Android KitKat in autumn 2014, a number of changes to Tab 4 apps were made as well. Eric Butow, author of My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, focuses on three sharing apps: Email, Dropbox, and ChatON.

Michael Miller

For many people, today’s so-called “smart TVs” represent the first foray into the connected world of the Internet of Things. Just what is a smart TV, and how smart is it, really? Whether or not today’s smart TVs are truly part of the Internet of Things is an open question, but there’s no question that these connected viewing devices are changing the way people watch TV and movies. Read on to learn more in this chapter from The Internet of Things: How Smart TVs, Smart Cars, Smart Homes, and Smart Cities Are Changing the World.

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In the Que

When an event begins with famed Miami Dophins football player Dan Marino stopping by the book to read and take home a copy of My iPad for Seniors, you know it's going to be a good time!

In the Que

Last week, Que's staff once again made the trek to an AARP Life@50+ conference.

Emily Nave

We are excited to announce that Microsoft Press products are now available in the Que Publishing store, growing the number of valuable and trusted resources for Microsoft home and office users. 

In the Que

Last week, the Que staff attended MacWorld in San Francisco. We had a fantastic trip and really enjoyed meeting new people and visiting with old friends.

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