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Conrad CarlbergVideo: Predictive Analytics with Excel: Smoothing Constant and Exponentiation
In this excerpt from Predictive Analytics with Excel LiveLessons (Video Training), Downloadable Video: Exponential Smoothing and Autoregression, Conrad Carlberg takes a look a exponential smoothing.
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By Conrad CarlbergJan 23, 2015
Conrad CarlbergIntroduction to Statistical Analysis: Microsoft Excel 2013
Conrad Carlberg discusses the balance he chose between teaching statistics and Excel in the introduction to his book Statistical Analysis: Microsoft Excel 2013.
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By Conrad CarlbergMay 26, 2014
Conrad CarlbergStatistical Analysis with Microsoft Excel 2013: About Variables and Values
Conrad Carlberg explains how variables and values are at the heart of how you represent data in Excel — and how they have implications when performing statistical analysis using Excel.
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By Conrad CarlbergMay 20, 2014
Conrad CarlbergComponents of Decision Analytics
This chapter provides an overview of the techniques used to classify data according to existing categories and clusters.
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By Conrad CarlbergJan 13, 2014

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