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Paul McFedriesPerforming Financial Calculations
Paul McFedries teaches you how to use JavaScript to perform a number of basic financial calculations, including loan or mortgage payments, the future value of an investment, and inflation.
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By Paul McFedriesSep 2, 2001
Paul McFedriesEncrypting Text with JavaScript
Encoding and encrypting cookie characters helps slow down cookie interlopers seeking sensitive material such as credit card numbers. Paul McFedries covers the basics here and gives you an algorithm to use in encryption.
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By Paul McFedriesSep 2, 2001
Paul McFedriesMaking Form Fields Mandatory
Forms generally require the user to fill in at least one field. Paul McFedries shows you some ways to encourage users to fill in mandatory fields.
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By Paul McFedriesSep 2, 2001
Paul McFedriesCross-Browser Solutions: Detection and Generic Functions
Cross-browser scripting might be difficult, but it is possible. Paul McFedries gives you some pointers on scripting for multiple object models.
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By Paul McFedriesSep 2, 2001

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