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Project Management Absolute Beginner's Guide, 4th Edition The Project Manager

In this excerpt from Project Management Absolute Beginner's Guide, PMP instructor Greg Horine reviews the different roles a project manager plays over the life of a project, including the prerequisite skills that you need to perform those roles, and presents the characteristics of successful project managers and the common mistakes made by many others. Read the chapter.


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Easy Windows 10, 2nd Edition Logging In, Starting Up, And Shutting Down Windows 10 Anniversary Edition With a Touchscreen

In this excerpt from Easy Windows 10, Maximum PC blogger Mark Edward Soper shows you how to log in to Windows 10 AE, use Tablet mode, find and launch programs from the Start or All Apps menu, use the touch keyboard or handwriting interface, use shortcut keys; lock and unlock your computer, and shut it down or put it into sleep mode. Read the chapter.