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My Windows 10

My Windows 10

My Microsoft® Windows® 10 is an easy, full-color tutorial on the latest operating system from Microsoft. Learn to use Windows 10 on PC or tablet, streamlining your browsing experience with Microsoft® Edge, how to use the Skype app for free video call, and much more.
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Katherine Murray

Help Me, Windows 10! Cortana to the Rescue

In this excerpt from My Windows 10, Katherine Murray shows you how to use the voice-activated Cortana tool in Windows 10 to help you schedule appointments, figure out a song you heard on the radio, decide whether to wear a coat today, and much more.
Read the chapter: Help Me, Windows 10! Cortana to the Rescue.
Predictive Analytics for Excel LiveLessons

Predictive Analytics for Excel LiveLessons

Learn how to forecast trended time series accurately in Excel: the foundation for a wide range of powerful predictive analytics applications! Conrad Carlberg will teach you how smoothing works and how to prepare data; use Excel Solver to reduce forecast error; and how to interpret smoothing analyses.
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Mark Soper

Logging In to Windows 10 and Customizing the Start Menu

Mark Soper explains essential functionality of working with Windows 10: how to start and stop the operating system, navigate the Windows desktop, and make the menus work for you.
Read the chapter: Logging In to Windows 10 and Customizing the Start Menu
My Google Chromebook

My Google Chromebook

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through doing exactly what you want with Google Apps. Learn how to manage your content wherever it's store; listen to music you've downloaded or streamed from Spotify or Pandora; print with Google Cloud Print; and much more.

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Michael Miller

Configuring and Personalizing Chrome OS

In this chapter from My Google Chromebook, you’ll learn about the many configuration options available with Chrome OS, from changing Chrome’s startup behavior to selecting a new desktop background.
Read the chapter: Configuring and Personalizing Chrome OS.