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My iPad for Seniors, 4th Edition Getting Started with Your iPad

Michael Miller shows you what's what and what's where on the iPad itself—and what you need to do to operate the darned thing! This excerpt from My iPad for Seniors, 4th Edition teaches you the basic operation of your iPad including getting to know your iPad, turning your iPad on and off, using your iPad, performing basic operations, and managing your iPad's battery. Read the article.


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My iPad, 9th Edition Customizing Your iPad

Gary Rosenzweig demonstrates how to change some of the settings on your iPad, such as your background images, sounds, and passcode, and explains how some apps behave. In this excerpt from My iPad, you will learn how to change your wallpaper, set alert sounds, password-protect your iPad, modify keyboard settings, set parental restrictions, make text easier to read, control automatic downloads, and work with other useful settings. Read the article.