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Enhancing Your TV Using the Samsung WatchON App on the Galaxy Tab 3
By Eric Butow
Jul 31, 2014
Samsung pre-installs the WatchON app on the Galaxy Tab 3 so you can use your Tab 3 to remotely control your TV and set-top box. In this article you’ll learn how to set up WatchON, browse TV shows and movies in the app, and remotely control your TV.
Evernote for iPad: Your New Best Friend
By James Floyd Kelly
Jul 30, 2014
This chapter introduces Evernote and shows some of the useful tools and features that make it a worthy app and service for your own Ultimate iPad.
Finding What You Need Quickly on the Galaxy Tab 3 Using the Samsung Link App
By Eric Butow
Jul 30, 2014
The Samsung Link app allows you to view all your devices and storage locations on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 so you can find what you need fast. This article shows you how to set up the Samsung Link app, add external devices, and add storage websites.
Controlling Your Galaxy Tab 3 with the S Voice App
By Eric Butow
Jul 29, 2014
The pre-installed S Voice app allows you to use your voice to perform different tasks including searching contacts, playing music, open an app, get an answer to a question, and more. This article will show you how to set up S Voice and use it to get information you want.
Turn Your Galaxy Tab 3 into a Remote Control Using the Peel Smart Remote App
By Eric Butow
Jul 28, 2014
The Peel Smart Remote app on your Galaxy Tab 3 allows you to control devices that accept infrared signals such as your television and cable box. This article shows you how to use the app to control your TV and cable box and find shows to watch.
What Happened to Facebook's New News Feed?
By Michael Miller
Jul 28, 2014
What happened to the new News Feed? Why did Facebook change course? And what's new about the revamped News Feed? This article, by author Michael Miller, answers all these Facebook-related questions and more.
Translating Languages on the Galaxy Tab 3 Using the S Translator App
By Eric Butow
Jul 25, 2014
If you chat with people who speak in a different language, the built-in S Translator app can translate text from one language to another. This article shows you how to select the language to translate, type in the text, and then translate the text to your specified language. You’ll also learn how to view a variety of preset phrases so you can communicate quickly in a variety of situations and locations.
What is the Internet of Everything – and Why Should You Care?
By Michael Miller
Jul 21, 2014
In this article, author Michael Miller discusses the Internet of Everything – what it is, what it might be, and why it matters.
Watching Streaming Video with Google Chromecast
By Michael Miller
Jul 18, 2014
Chromecast is Google’s $35 dongle-like device that lets you stream Netflix and other video and music services directly to your flatscreen TV. How does Chromecast work, and with which services? In this article, author Michael Miller tells you all about Chromecast – and why you might want to buy one for your own use.
Explore Office for iPad: The Microsoft Office Suite is Now Available on Your Tablet
By Jason Rich
Jul 17, 2014
Jason R. Rich offers an overview of the new Office for iPad apps from Microsoft, and explains the benefits of running Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your iOS tablet.
Introduction to iTunes Radio: Stream the Music You Want, When You Want It
By Jason Rich
Jul 17, 2014
This video shows how to use Apple's online-based iTunes Radio service in order to stream your favorite music or audio programming directly from the Internet to your computer, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
Explore Microsoft Excel for iPad: Collaborate, Share, and Sync Spreadsheet (Workbook) Files with Excel for PC and Mac
By Jason Rich
Jul 16, 2014
Jason R. Rich takes a look at the new Microsoft Excel for iPad app, and discusses why business people in particular will find this to be a “must have” app on their tablet if their job involves creating, editing or reviewing spreadsheets and/or crunching numbers.
Explore Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad
By Jason Rich
Jul 15, 2014
Jason R. Rich takes a look at Microsoft’s new PowerPoint for iPad app, discusses how to use it to import, create, or edit digital slide presentations.
Que Video: How to Use Twitter on Your iPhone, for Seniors
By Jason Rich
Jul 15, 2014
In this video you will learn how to set up a free Twitter account, install the Twitter app onto an iPhone, and begin using this popular social networking services to find and follow Twitter feeds.
Explore Microsoft Word for iPad: Collaborate, Share, and Sync Documents with Word for PC and Mac
By Jason Rich
Jul 14, 2014
Jason R. Rich takes a look at the new Microsoft Word for iPad app, compares it to Pages, and discusses how straight forward the document creation, viewing, editing, and sharing process is when using this app.
Que Video: Text Messaging Using the Messages App on an iPhone or iPad (for Seniors)
By Jason Rich
Jul 14, 2014
For grandparents who want to be able to communicate with their grandchildren (as well as their friends and other family members) using text messages, this video article offers a basic introduction to setting up and using the Messages app.
Que Video: Use Google+ SnapSeed to Quickly Edit, Enhance and Share Your iPhone and iPad Photos
By Jason Rich
Jul 11, 2014
In this video you will learn how to use the optional Google+ SnapSeed app on your iPhone or iPad in order to quickly and easily edit and enhance your digital photos.
Using Google Glass with Your iOS Device
By Timothy L. Warner
Jul 11, 2014
If you are an iPhone user who owns Google Glass, read this article to learn how you can make the most of the two devices working together.
Using Siri with iOS 7.1.1
By Jason Rich
Jul 11, 2014
Jason Rich takes a look at the new options recently added to the Siri feature that’s built into iOS 7.1.1 for the iPhone or iPad.
Que Video: How to Download and Read eBooks on an iPad Using the iBooks, Kindle or Nook App
By Jason Rich
Jul 10, 2014
In this video, you will discover how easy and enjoyable it is to use your iPad as a feature-packed eBook reader. Learn how to how to use Apple's free iBooks app in order to find, acquire and then read eBooks on your iPad.

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