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Que Publishing, a publishing imprint of Pearson, was founded in 1981 and has more than 29 years of experience providing practical advice on computers and technology. We haven't achieved this success alone, but through the help of an impressive list of trusted authorities and partners—our Que authors.

Pearson/Que is an industry leader in developing new channels and offers numerous ways to distribute your traditional manuscript as well as exciting and innovative 21st century publishing initiatives. Today a Pearson/Que author has the opportunity to not only publish a book with Pearson, but also publish within digital, web- and application-based, video formats. Learn more about publishing with Pearson.

The Writing Steps

The Editors of Que Publishing

Contact our editors who cover the following areas:

  • Katherine Bull: Social Media, Business and Technology, Gadget Marketing, Leadership
  • Rick Kughen: Maker topics (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, 3D Printing, Programming, etc.), Robotics, LEGO Mindstorms, Minecraft, PC Hardware, Home Automation, and cutting-edge technologies
  • Michelle Newcomb: Android consumer gadgets, Android smartphones, Android tablets, Internet, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and Business Applications
  • Laura Norman: Adobe and Mac OS technologies, Graphics, Web Development
  • Greg Wiegand, Associate Publisher: Que Publishing
  • Loretta Yates: Microsoft technologies including Office, Expression Studio, Windows, Dynamics, Home Software

Publishing Opportunities for Pearson Authors

Here is a sampling of the formats in which we can present your expertise.

     Print BooksDigital eBooksDigital Short Cuts
     Safari Books OnlineRough CutsVideo TrainingMore!


Print Books

With the ability to print up to four colors with a variety of paper types, trim sizes, and binding types, Pearson can provide the best solution for each book we publish. In addition, we have state-of-the-art warehousing and inventory systems that streamline distribution into the channel. Pearson also uses green publishing methods and can gain certification in this area where appropriate.

Digital eBooks (DRM or watermarked versions available)

Through our own site as well as our partner sites, we offer most of our books in digital format and can employ digital rights management (DRM) as appropriate for the content. We can offer strong DRM using Adobe's protected PDF, medium DRM with digital watermarking, or no DRM at all. DRM for each book and each site is handled on a case-by-case basis, and is determined by the publisher.

Pearson is an industry leader publishing eBooks within new and established eBook formats. Those formats include Adobe PDF, Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, iPhone/iTouch, Mobi, and others as the eBook landscape continues to emerge.

Downloadable Digital Short Cuts

For those topics that don't warrant book-length coverage but yet are more detailed than an article, we offer the Digital Short Cut. Short Cuts are usually fewer than 100 pages and are distributed in Adobe PDF format, Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, and Mobi.

Online Library Subscription Access

Launched in 2001, Safari Books Online is a partnership between Pearson and O'Reilly. It is an on-demand digital library that provides access to thousands of technology, creative and business books, training videos and expert reference and learning materials from leading publishers like O'Reilly Media, Addison-Wesley, Peachpit Press, Apress, Manning, Talented Pixie and many more.

Safari Books Online is an essential, always-on tool that is rapidly enhancing the ability of individuals, workgroups and enterprises to access information they need quickly. And, it is enabling increasingly mobile workforces to get technical, creative and business training and reference resources anytime and from anywhere (even on the iPhone and iPod touch).

Pre-publication Digital Rough Cuts

Rough Cuts is a program that provides readers with electronic access to your manuscript while it is under development. Rough Cuts are available through Pearson's Safari Books Online service. Readers do not have to be Safari subscribers to participate in the Rough Cuts program—but they do have to purchase access to your Rough Cut, and this means that you begin earning royalties even before your book publishes!

Typically, your book will be added to the Rough Cuts program when your manuscript is roughly 35% complete. As you complete additional chapters, the Rough Cut is updated with the new material. When the book publishes, Rough Cuts subscribers are sent an Adobe PDF of the finished manuscript.

Another benefit of the Rough Cuts program is that it permits readers to send feedback, which you can use to improve the quality of your manuscript. And it can also generate pre-publication buzz, which can give your book a real boost once it publishes.

DVD, Streaming, or Downloadable Video Training

Pearson offers several video formats and distribution channels for our video based products. We publish physical DVD products in a variety of packaging options. In addition, through our site or our publishing partners, we can deliver video products for download or web-based streaming format.

Online Learning Platforms and Applications

Pearson utilizes a variety of proprietary platforms to develop and deploy online courses, practice tests, flash cards and personalized study plans. These applications are available as desktop applications and online direct from our servers. Many of these applications are also available on mobile devices.

Web Articles, Blogs, and Audio and Video Podcasts

Content is one of the strongest lures for attracting an audience, and is a critical part of any author's publicity and marketing plan. In addition to using a sample chapter that you and your editor select, Pearson works with you to create additional types of content that helps increase interest and buzz. There are many options available:

  • Create a short article on a topic from your title
  • Select multiple topics and create a series of articles
  • Write a series of blog posts
  • Pull from your title's content to create a series of Tips and Hints
  • Participate in a Q&A via email
  • Develop an audio or video podcast for the On Podcast network

Pearson will work to place this content on Pearson and third-party websites, newsletters, magazines, or publications. These additional formats help to promote our authors and their expertise, provide our customers with great information and reasons to revisit our website, and also help to cross promote our published products.