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  1. Convert a DVD to a Digital File
  2. Convert Backup Files to Single iPad-Compatible File
  3. Transfer the .m4v File to the iPad
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Convert Backup Files to Single iPad-Compatible File

Convert Backup Files to Single iPad-Compatible File

The next part of the process converts the backup files created by DVD Shrink to a single iPad-compatible file suitable for viewing. For this part of the process, another free application called HandBrake is used. You can download the application by visiting http://handbrake.fr/ (see Figure 10). After downloading the installation file, double-click it and follow the instructions to install the HandBrake application.

Now, before you open up HandBrake for the first time, I highly recommend that you download the presets for the iPad so the application will save files in the proper format. This is not a required step, but it will make it easier to convert the movie for best viewing on the iPad (as opposed to a television or mobile phone, for example). Use the following link for instructions on downloading the file:


After you've downloaded the preset file, you can open HandBrake and follow the instructions given in the link above for importing the presets. If you've done this properly, your HandBrake screen should look like the one in Figure 11, complete with iPad presets in the far-right column on the screen.

Select the iPad and iPhone (SD) option in the right column, and click the Set Default button. Click Yes when asked to confirm, and then OK to close down the Alert window that appears.

Next, click the Source drop-down button as shown in Figure 12, and select the DVD/VIDEO_TS Folder option.

In the Browse for Folder window, locate the VIDEO_TS folder that was created earlier in the Backup folder you specified (refer to Figure 9). In Figure 13, you can see that I've selected the VIDEO_TS folder under the DVDtoiPadWalkthrough folder. Click the OK button.

Click the Browse button to specify the Destination of the .m4v file that will be created. In Figure 14, I've chosen to save it under the DVDtoiPadWalkthrough folder and named the file Monsters Inc.m4v.

Click the Start button to begin the conversion. You'll see a small window appear like the one in Figure 15. Two tasks will run and you can view the percentage completed for each task. A warning—this can take a while for a long movie. (Figure 15 shows that the screenshot was taken during task 2 of 2 and that the process is 94.25% complete.)

When the Encoding process is completed, the window will disappear. Look in the Destination folder and you'll find the .m4v file as seen in Figure 16.

All that's left now is to import the .m4v file to your iPad.

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