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Sharing Photos

You can easily share photos on your Google+ posts. For example, you could share vacation photos only with your Friends and Family circles or photos of your company’s products on a public post. Google+ offers unlimited photo uploads. If your photos are larger than 2,048 by 2,048 pixels, however, Google+ resizes them during the upload process.

See Lesson 10, “Working with Photos,” for more information about the many ways you can use photos in Google+.

To share a photo on Google+, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Home icon on the Google+ ribbon if you aren’t already on your home page (refer to Figure 6.1).
  2. Click in the share box to expand it (refer to Figure 6.2). Alternately, click the Share button that displays in the upper-right corner of any Google+ page to access the share box.
  3. Type your post in the text box. For example, you can introduce or comment on the photo you’re sharing.
  4. Click the Add Photos button in the lower-right corner of the share box. A pop-up menu opens, offering three ways to add photos (see Figure 6.10).
    Figure 6.10

    Figure 6.10. Add photos to enliven your posts.

  5. Attach your photo to the post by selecting one of the following menu options:
    • Add Photos. Search for and upload photos from your computer. After adding photos (see Figure 6.11), you can click the
      • Edit Photos link to add captions, rotate your photos, or open Picnick to access advanced photo editing features.
      • Tag People link to add tags to photos that include people.
      • Add Text link to overlay text on your photos.
      • Add More link to upload additional photos.
      • Remove All link to remove all formatting.
      • Remove button (x) to delete the photos you added.
      Figure 6.11

      Figure 6.11. You can edit your photo or add more photos to your post.

    • Create an Album. Create and upload a photo album by selecting multiple photos from your computer. See Lesson 10 for more information about photo albums.
    • From Your Phone. Upload photos from your phone. You must have an iPhone or Android smartphone and download the Google+ app to use this feature. Google+ uploads the photos you take from your phone and places them on the Photos from Your Phone tab on the Photos page. These photos remain private until you choose to share them. See Lesson 10 for more information about uploading photos from your phone.
  6. Select the people or circles you want to share this post with or, optionally, make this post public. For a reminder of how to do this, refer to steps 5 through 7 in the section “Using the Share Box” earlier in this lesson.
  7. Click the Share button to share your post with the people you selected.

Figure 6.12 shows a sample post with a photo.

Figure 6.12

Figure 6.12. A shared post that appears on your stream.

After posting your photo, you can click it to use the lightbox view, where you can edit it, add a caption, add tags, and more. See Lesson 10 for more information about working with photos.

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