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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using the Mini Toolbar to Format Selected Text

When you select some text in a chart title or within a cell, the mini toolbar appears above the selected text. If you move away from the mini toolbar, it fades away. However, if you move the mouse toward the mini toolbar, you see several text formatting options.

In your initial use of Excel 2013, you might not see the mini toolbar. Although you often select cells or ranges of cells, it is rare to select only a portion of a cell value in Cell Edit mode. However, as you begin using charts, SmartArt diagrams, and text boxes, you will have the mini toolbar appearing frequently.

To use the mini toolbar, follow these steps:

  1. Select some text. If you select text in a cell, you must select a portion of the text in the cell by using Cell Edit mode. In a chart, SmartArt diagram, or text box, you can select any text. As soon as you release the mouse button, the mini toolbar appears above and to the right of the selection.
  2. Move the mouse pointer toward the mini toolbar. The mini toolbar stays visible if your mouse is above it. If you move the mouse away from the mini toolbar, it fades away.
  3. Make changes in the mini toolbar to affect the text you selected in step 1.
  4. When you are done formatting the selected text, you can move the mouse away from the mini toolbar to dismiss it.

Getting the Mini Toolbar Back

The shyness of the mini toolbar might be the most frustrating part of using it. If you move the mouse away from the mini toolbar, it fades away. If you immediately move back toward the mini toolbar, it comes back. If you use the mouse for some other task, such as scrolling, the mini toolbar permanently goes away. In this case, you might have to reselect the text to get the mini toolbar to come back.

Disabling the Mini Toolbar

If you are annoyed by the mini toolbar, you can turn it off for all Excel workbooks. To do this, select File, Options. The first choice in Excel Options is a check box for Show Mini Toolbar on Selection. Clear this check box.

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