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Setting up Charles

Charles is a Java based web proxy program. The version you most likely downloaded was a shareware version, which will run for 30 minutes before it needs restarted. It also tends to throw up a splash screen at various times. Regardless, Charles does the trick!

This proxy program will sit in between your PSP and the internet. When Wipeout Pure requests the default page from scea.com, the properly configured PSP will send that request to the proxy program, which will then query scea.com for the requested page. The PSP actually never communicates directly with the web server online, instead the proxy server makes all the requests for it, and then forward the results back to the PSP.

While Charles is not a full blown enterprise level proxy server, it is a great tool for programmers to test their applications. It is also a great tool for security-minded people to perform penetration testing on an application. One reason for this is that Charles supports a feature called DNS spoofing, which essentially performs a slight of hand trick on the web request sent from the client (in this case the PSP).

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