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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating a Site Local Root Folder

DW 2.4

The final act to perform is the creation of work folders. The work folders should contain all the elements of the Web site. You first start with a local root folder for the site. The local root folder contains all the elements of the Web site; every single piece of the site is included within this folder.

For example, your site local root folder is named, youtechtube, and there would be subfolders for the elements of the Web site, like: Web Pages and all the Web pages you designed in Dreamweaver would be placed within this subfolder. You use Photoshop and Fireworks to manage all of the site’s images, and they are placed in the folder name, Images. Flash Objects, CSS, PDF documents; each kind of document is placed within its own personal folder. Later in this book you’ll learn how to link this site root folder to Dreamweaver and create a working site.

Image the control you’ll exert over the construction of a site when you create this type of organization. Even a modest Web site can have hundreds of parts. Let’s say that you need to modify one of your PDF documents; however, you didn’t create separate files, you put everything into one folder. Now, you have to scroll through over one hundred file names, looking for that one PDF file. Fortunately, you work smart, you simply open the PDF folder and, BANG, there it is, ready to be double-clicked. Work smart...

Creating a site root folder is not just a requirement of using Dreamweaver; in addition, it will help you in the creation, and of the moving of the site. If everything involving the construction of your Web site is contained within a single folder, it helps to keep you organized and in control... and being in control is an important part of being creative.

Although planning may seem like a lot of work, it really isn’t. Especially when you add in the amount of time and frustration you’ll save when the site is complete.

Have fun, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Create a Local Root Folder

blue1 Right click your mouse on the desktop, and then select New Folder from the popup menu (Macintosh) or right-click the desktop, point to New, and then click the Folder button from the popup menu.
blue2Name the folder according to the site you’re working (in this example, youtechtube).
blue3 Double click to open the folder, and then add additional subfolders to the local root folder.

All elements dealing with the construction of this Web site should be contained within this local root folder, and its corresponding sub-folders.

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