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“Must Have” iPhone Accessories For Business People & Entrepreneurs
By Jason Rich
Mar 15, 2011
Jason R. Rich discusses some of the gadgets that can give your iPhone more features, options, and power for handling your daily needs.
10 Apps Every New iPhone or iPad User Should Install
By Jason Rich
Dec 21, 2012
Jason R. Rich focuses on 10 “must have” iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch apps that are available from the App Store.
A Look at the 64-Bit ARMv8 Architecture
By David Chisnall
Feb 28, 2012
ARM is the most popular 32-bit architecture in the world, but has only just begun the transition to 64-bit. David Chisnall discusses what we can expect from the upcoming 64-bit version of the architecture.
A Tour of Raspberry Pi Peripheral Devices
By Timothy L. Warner
Nov 6, 2013
This chapter shares most popular peripheral devices - electronic equipment that is connected to the Pi by means of a cable instead of soldered directly to the board - that are available for the Raspberry Pi today.
All New GM Cars Will Soon Have iPhone/iPad Integration
By Jason Rich
Sep 2, 2013
Jason R. Rich takes a closer look at how iOS mobile devices play a growing role in how drivers operate and experience their vehicles, and how in-car infotainment systems have changed forever.
AMD Athlon 64 Revisited
By Scott Mueller
Mar 11, 2005
AMD Duron Is Dead, Long Live AMD Sempron
By Scott Mueller
Mar 25, 2005
This article introduces the new AMD Sempron, replacing the AMD Duron as AMD's low-end processor. Find out what's new in this iteration, and what's still the same.
AMD Duron Is Dead, Long Live AMD Sempron
Oct 22, 2004
AMD Sempron replaces the AMD Duron as AMD's low-end processor. Learn what else is new besides the name.
An Introduction to the Pebble Watch
By Jason Rich
Oct 4, 2013
In this article, Jason R. Rich takes a look at the Pebble smart watch that wirelessly links to the iPhone. Discover what makes this cutting-edge $150.00 gadget tick, and what this digital watch can do out-of-the-box.
An Introduction to the Surface Tablet
By Jim Cheshire
Jan 17, 2013
This chapter runs through the functions of the Surface hardware, the basics of Windows RT, and explains some additional settings for your new tablet.
Android Hubs, Part 1: The Media Hub
By Eric Butow
Nov 19, 2012
Eric Butow takes you on a tour of Android Media Hub, one of four hubs available from Samsung that allows you to shop for, buy, and rent movies and television shows from the Samsung catalog.
Android Hubs, Part 2: The Music Hub
By Eric Butow
Dec 3, 2012
Samsung has teamed up with the 7digital music service to provide music shopping and downloading on your Galaxy Tab using the built-in Music Hub app. As Eric Butow explains, within the app, you can shop for tracks or entire albums, and you can also add tracks to a playlist.
Android Hubs, Part 3: Using the Samsung Social Hub
By Eric Butow
Dec 28, 2012
The pre-installed Social Hub app on Android 4 makes it easy to view email from multiple accounts as well as feeds from multiple social networks on your Galaxy Tab. This article shows how to add email and social networking accounts to the Social Hub.
Android Hubs, Part 4: The Readers Hub
By Eric Butow
Jan 8, 2013
The Readers Hub is a built-in app for users of the Galaxy Tab 2. In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Readers Hub to purchase, download, and read newspapers, magazines, and books on your Tab 2.
Apple iMessage: Top Five Tips
By Timothy L. Warner
May 30, 2013
Master the Relationship Between iMessage and MMS - Tim Warner gives you his top five tips for taking control of iMessage on your iDevices and/or Mac computers.
Apple's iPad 2: Does It Measure Up?
By Jason Rich
Mar 7, 2011
Jason R. Rich examines the new iPad 2 hardware, talks about the tablet's best new features, and discusses whether or not existing iPad users should consider immediately upgrading to the new wireless device.
ATI Meets PCI-Express: The ATI X-series
By Scott Mueller
May 12, 2005
ATI's new X-series graphic cards integrate PCI-Express high speed graphic processing through the inclusion of Intel chipsets. Find out how this new series differs from ATI's flagship set, the 9800 series in this article by Scott Mueller.
ATI Meets PCI-Express: The ATI X-series
Oct 22, 2004
All about the technology behind the new line of ATI X-series graphics cards.
Backup Your Computer and Save Your (Computing) Life, Part 1
By Mark Edward Soper
Apr 13, 2011
Want to back up your computer? Want to lose your digital life? You might not be excited about backing up your computer, but if you don’t want to lose your digital photos, scanned photos, digital music, videos, and documents, it’s up to you to make backups that work.
Before the PC: Remembering Kaypro and Osborne Computers
By Michael Miller
Jan 27, 2014
In this article, old-timer Michael Miller steps into the Way Back Machine to take a look at the CP/M operating system, the Osborne 1, and the Kaypro II. It was a different world back then!

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