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Moving from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice.org
By Eric Geier
Oct 25, 2010
Making the transition to OpenOffice.org can save money, but it takes some getting used to. Eric Geier shares tips on moving to this free and open source office suite.
Ten Office 2010 Add-Ins for Business Professionals
By Eric Geier
Oct 18, 2010
Make Office 2010 even better with these ten add-ins. Eric Geier shows you how to get those familiar file menus back, integrate Outlook with social networks, add live web pages to presentations, and more.
Working with Formulas and Functions in Excel 2010
By Steve Johnson, Perspection Inc.
Sep 8, 2010
Steve Johnson walks through the many ways, from basic to complex, that you can create formulas to perform calculations in your Excel 2010 worksheets.
Unleash the Power of Excel with VBA
By Bill Jelen, Tracy Syrstad
Aug 5, 2010
This chapter introduces the features and functions of Excel and VBA, showing you how to create and run macros and understand their inner workings using the VBA editor.
Microsoft Excel 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts
By Bill Jelen
Jul 29, 2010
This chapter points out which of the old Excel keyboard shortcuts still work, shows you some new Excel 2010 shortcuts, and introduces you to the new keyboard accelerators.
The Promise of PowerPivot in Excel 2010
By Bill Jelen
Jul 27, 2010
This chapter walks you through one process of building a PowerPivot report in Excel 2010. You will learn how simple it is to merge data from two sources in a single PowerPivot pivot table.
Entering and Managing Data in Excel 2010
By Michael Alexander
Jul 12, 2010
This chapter shows the flexibility of Excel in providing various ways to enter/change data, insert cells, rows, and columns, search for and manipulate existing data, leave comments for yourself (or others), and even check spelling.
Summarizing Business Transactions in Excel 2010: From the Journals to the Balance Sheet
By Conrad Carlberg
Jul 7, 2010
This chapter shows how you can use Excel to create an account structure in a workbook that contains both a general journal and special journals, and in a workbook that contains both a general ledger and subsidiary ledgers.
Building Basic Formulas in Excel 2010
By Paul McFedries
Jun 8, 2010
In this chapter Paul McFedries takes you through some Excel 2010 formula basics.
Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Microsoft Excel 2010
By P.K. Hari
Jun 7, 2010
Though Excel 2010 is not a major changeover as compared to Excel 2007, it certainly encompasses some handy, bold features which make it a hard-to-resist package. This article provides an overview of the top 10 reasons to consider upgrading to Excel 2010.
Microsoft Office Web Apps: Your Key to Free Web-based Productivity
By Todd Meister
Jun 4, 2010
This article describes what Office Web Apps are available today, how to get started, and what features you can use when using the Excel and PowerPoint Web Apps.
New Features in Microsoft Office 2010 for Small Businesses
By Tim Barrett
Jun 4, 2010
Determine if upgrading to Office 2010 is right for you. This article discusses some of the key improvements and new features added to the Office 2010 suite, along with pricing, system requirements, and bundles.
Overview of Key New Features in Office 2010
By Tom Bunzel
May 12, 2010
Tom Bunzel summarizes the key new highlights in Microsoft Office 2010 and points the way to using the new Office 2010 to its maximum potential.
Working Capital and Cash Flow Analysis in Excel
By Conrad Carlberg
Apr 2, 2008
This chapter describes the process of accounting for and analyzing cash flows.
Building Basic Formulas in Excel 2007
By Paul McFedries
Mar 26, 2008
Paul McFedries takes you through some formula basics in Excel 2007.
Creating Excel 2007 Charts That Show Trends
By Bill Jelen
Mar 26, 2008
Bill Jelen walks you through your many choices for effectively displaying your Excel 2007 data in charts.
Customizing an Excel 2007 Pivot Table
By Michael Alexander, Bill Jelen
Apr 6, 2007
Although pivot tables provide an extremely fast way to summarize data, sometimes the pivot table defaults aren't exactly what you need. This chapter covers functional areas in customizing pivot table settings to help you zero in on the results you're looking for.
The Mini Toolbar and Other Excel 2007 U.I. Improvements
By Bill Jelen
Feb 2, 2007
"Mr. Excel" Bill Jelen discusses the mini toolbar, formula bar, zoom slider and other new or changed UI features in Excel 2007.
The Mini Toolbar and Other U.I. Improvements
Dec 11, 2006
Editing Excel 2003 Worksheets
By Nancy Lewis
Nov 10, 2006
Nancy Lewis covers the basics of editing cells within Excel 2003 worksheets in this introductory chapter for Excel newbies.

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