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Basic Game Framework in ActionScript 3: A Matching Game
By Gary Rosenzweig
Jun 13, 2011
This chapter details the creation of a simple matching game (finding matching images on face-down cards) with ActionScript 3.0.
Using Frames with Microsoft Expression Web 4
By Jim Cheshire
Feb 17, 2011
This chapter covers some general tips you should follow so that Frames don't become a point of frustration for users of your site.
Build a Website for Free: Planning Your Site
By Mark Bell
Dec 28, 2010
This chapter asks questions you should consider when planning your website's structure. Answering as many as you can will help you make important decisions about your site.
Formatting Fields in an ASP.NET Gridview with Microsoft Expression Web 4
By Kathleen Anderson
Sep 10, 2010
Kathleen Anderson shows you how to format number fields and telephone numbers, and make URLs and email addresses clickable in an ASP.NET Gridview using Expression Web 4.
Microsoft Expression Web 4 SuperPreview Online: See Your Website as Others See It
By Kathleen Anderson
Jul 12, 2010
Kathleen Anderson shows how to use the SuperPreview feature to review your sites in browsers and operating systems that aren't available on your own Windows-based PC.
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 on Demand: Viewing the HTML Behind the Page
By Steve Johnson, Perspection Inc.
May 18, 2010
Dreamweaver does all of the HTML coding behind the scenes, but it's important to know how HTML works. This tutorial from Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 on Demand shows you everything you need to know about HTML.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 on Demand: Developing iPhone Apps
By Steve Johnson, Perspection Inc.
May 12, 2010
In this chapter, you’ll get an overview for how to start developing for the iPhone using Flash CS5 including deploying an App to the iTunes App Store.
Cloud Security and Privacy: A Legal Compliance and Risk-Management Guide, Part 2
By Robert McHale
May 10, 2010
In Part 2 of this two-part series, legal expert Robert McHale discusses the practical due diligence checklist companies should consult before entering into a cloud service agreement.
Cloud Security and Privacy: A Legal Compliance and Risk-Management Guide, Part 1
By Robert McHale
May 3, 2010
Legal expert Robert McHale discusses the principal federal and state laws regulating cloud activities, and the legal security and privacy risks associated with cloud computing.
WordPress in Depth: Using HTML in Your Widgets and Blog
By Bud E. Smith, Michael McCallister
Mar 3, 2010
In this chapter, learn how HTML can be used in the WordPress.com environment. This is useful whether you just want to do a few simple things with your blog postings and the Text widget, or if you want to go much further.
Working with Web Pages in Microsoft Expression Web 3
By Steve Johnson, Perspection Inc.
Dec 15, 2009
Learn how to create and manage web pages, including how to make a web site that visitors will return to.
Creating Pages and Content in Microsoft Expression Web 3
By Jim Cheshire
Oct 27, 2009
Jim Cheshire shows you how to create pages in Microsoft Expression Web 3, including how to import files, format text, create hyperlinks, configure page properties, use code snippets, and configure file editors.
Using Transitions to Simplify JavaFX Animations
By Jeff Friesen
Sep 9, 2009
Jeff Friesen introduces Java's animation transition classes, showing how to create additional classes of your own.
Styling Swing Components with Java CSS
By Jeff Friesen
Aug 28, 2009
Jeff Friesen introduces you to Java CSS and shows you how to leverage this Java technology to style your Swing-based user interfaces.
Linking to and Embedding YouTube Videos
By Michael Miller
Aug 20, 2009
In this lesson, you learn how to include links to videos and embed videos in your website and email messages.
Ten SEO Tricks for any Website
By Michael Miller
Jul 6, 2009
Michael Miller shares 10 search engine optimization tricks that any website can use to improve its rankings and increase its traffic.
Planning for Your New Website
By Mark Bell
Mar 2, 2009
Mark Bell provides questions you should ask yourself when planning your website’s structure and developing a plan of action.
Working Within the Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Environment
By Steve Johnson
Dec 17, 2008
Get to know the Dreamweaver authoring environment so you can be more effective and efficient as you create Web pages and manage Web sites.
Creating Graphics in Adobe Flash CS4
By Steve Johnson
Dec 16, 2008
Here are all the basics of creating graphics in Flash CS4.
Transforming Objects with Path Operations and Envelope Distort in Microsoft Expression Design
By Ted LoCascio
Jun 9, 2008
Ted LoCascio shows how to work with two handy Expression Design features to create interesting new shapes.

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