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Creating, Playing, and Sharing Playlists in Spotify
By Michael Miller
Aug 29, 2011
Michael Miller shows you how to create a personalized Spotify playlist, how to play the music on your playlist, and how to share your playlist with other music lovers, including your friends on Facebook.
Introducing Spotify
By Michael Miller
Aug 23, 2011
Michael Miller tells you what Spotify offers, describes how it works, and compares it with other popular online music services.
iPad Gaming: Mobile Games Grow Up
By Brandon Cackowski-Schnell
Aug 23, 2011
Brandon Cackowski-Schnell discusses the advantages and disadvantages of gaming on the iPad as well as some of the best gaming options on the device.
Video Conference on Kinect?
By Bryon J. Greene
Aug 3, 2011
One little-known feature that is included with Xbox Live subscriptions is video conferencing. Bryon Greene shows you more about this feature: how it works and whether it is really useful for your situation.
Kinect, Netflix, and Voice! Oh, My!
By Bryon J. Greene
Jun 30, 2011
With Netflix deciding to integrate both gesture support and voice command into its existing Xbox 360 app, Bryon Greene tells you what works well, what doesn’t, and whether your controller is going to start collecting dust.
Cutting the Cable TV Cord
By James Stanley
Apr 29, 2011
Getting rid of cable has become a hot topic as of late. James Stanley walks you through the process, potential cost savings, and pitfalls of saying “no” to cable (or satellite) TV service based on actual experience doing so.
Gaming on Facebook: Does Time = Money?
By Troy Goodfellow
Feb 4, 2011
So-called "social games" are the new frontier in video games, and Facebook is the dominant platform for these games. Troy Goodfellow discusses which Facebook games are a good investment of your time.
Kinect: Fad or Future
By Jenn Cutter
Dec 21, 2010
This article provides detailed look at the Microsoft Kinect and what everyone should know about its strengths and limitations before they buy.
Connecting Your TV to the Internet: InformIT's Guide to Set-Top Boxes
By Ryan Faas
Nov 29, 2010
Apple TV? Google TV? Roku? Ryan Faas examines the top options that should be on your list of possibilities for streaming audio and video to your home TV, pointing out the pros and cons of each system.
2011 Social Media Directory: Entertainment
By Jeffery A. Riley
Sep 6, 2010
This chapter highlights the best of the social media resources for the entertainment industry from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the web at large.
Going Online with Your Android-Enabled Phone
By Bill Zimmerly, Prasanna Amirthalingam, Jerri Ledford
Sep 21, 2009
This chapter shows how to get on the internet with your Android-enabled phone and configure the web browser to work the way you want it to.
Virtually Bored? Entertainment Options in Second Life
By Sean Percival
Feb 29, 2008
Get ready to have some fun as we explore some of the best virtual entertainment available.
Gaming with Windows Vista: Playing Games Through the Games Explorer
By Mark Edward Soper
Jan 4, 2008
Mark Edward Soper describes Windows Vista's "home base" for games, Games Explorer.
Playing YouTube Videos on Your iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV
By Michael Miller
Oct 5, 2007
Michael Miller explains how to watch YouTube videos on your iPod or iPhone.
Using YouTube to Promote Your Business
By Michael Miller
Sep 28, 2007
Michael Miller discusses some of the key factors for promoting your business on YouTube.
Embedding YouTube Videos on Your Web Page or Blog
By Michael Miller
Sep 21, 2007
Michael Miller shows you how to display any YouTube video on your own page or blog.
Downloading and Playing YouTube Videos on Your PC
By Michael Miller
Sep 14, 2007
Michael Miller explains how to save YouTube videos to your computer's hard disk for future offline viewing.
Learning ActionScript's Basic Game Framework by Creating A Matching Game
By Gary Rosenzweig
Aug 31, 2007
Gary Rosenzweig introduces the basic game framework of ActionScript 3.0 with a game.
Informit's 2006 Guide to Building the Ultimate Gaming PC on a Budget: Revenge of the Dual-Core, SLI Machine, Part 1
By Cyrus Peikari
May 19, 2006
Ever want to build your own gaming rig? With prices at all-time lows, now's the time to do it. In Part 1 of this three-part series, Cyrus Peikari shows you step-by-step how to choose the case, motherboard, and power supply.
Informit's 2006 Guide to Building the Ultimate Gaming PC on a Budget: Revenge of the Dual-Core, SLI Machine, Part 2
By Cyrus Peikari
May 19, 2006
In Part 2 of this three-part series, your gaming dream machine is beginning to take shape. Author Cyrus Peikari continues his DIY guide by showing you how to choose the graphics card, CPU and heat sink, and RAM.

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