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Attracting Girls to STEM: Four Ways Women in Tech Can Help
By Thursday Bram
May 13, 2014
As a female technical professional, how can you help to improve the decreasing numbers and high attrition rate of women in technology? By smoothing rough paths for your colleagues and upcoming newbies. Writer and entrepreneur Thursday Bram suggests four important ways in which technology professionals can help to attract more girls to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and help to keep those women on their chosen path.
Welcome to the Party: Promotion and Personal Branding via Social Media
By Erik Deckers, Kyle Lacy
Sep 19, 2012
Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy explain the importance of self-promotion and getting your own personal branding message across in an effort to find a job (or a better job).
Five Tips to Help You Finish Your Projects on Time
By Pat Brans
Aug 16, 2012
Software projects go hand in hand with aggressive deadlines. But often we get stuck when the person with the answers isn't available, or we get distracted and lose sight of due dates. Many of us put off important work until crunch time. Why? Pat Brans discusses what causes programmer procrastination and suggests positive ways to maximize your chances of finishing projects on time.
Focusing Your Effort for Wider Work Success
By Pat Brans
Jul 18, 2012
Is your focus stretched in multiple directions right now? Probably. We're all busily connecting to everyone else by multiple technological means, but does all that communication translate to accomplishing productive work? Doubtful. Pat Brans details how to concentrate your attention to set yourself up for success.
How To Take Advantage of the New iWork App Updates
By Jason Rich
Jun 1, 2012
Best-selling author and avid iPhone/iPad user Jason R. Rich explains the new features added to the most recent edition of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for the iPad and iPhone, and how they can best be used.
Communicating with Other LinkedIn Members
By Patrice-Anne Rutledge
May 4, 2012
In this lesson, you learn about the LinkedIn network and the many ways to communicate with other LinkedIn members.
Use Your iPad to Help You Find a New Job
By Jason Rich
Oct 11, 2011
Jason Rich shows you how your iPad 2 can be used to conduct your job search as well as network with perspective employers and other people in your field.
Five Deadly Sins of Social Networking for the Job Seeker
By Erik Deckers
Apr 6, 2011
Erik Deckers warns you not to do these things online when searching for a job: post negative content (Spring Break photos, for example) on your Facebook page; get into angry, heated debates; or post content that runs counter to the brand you're trying to build.
Create a Personally, Professionally, and Financially Rewarding Career Doing What You Love
By Paula Caligiuri
Mar 24, 2010
With the downturn in the economy, the elimination of jobs, and the increased desire for work-life balance, people are looking for more stability, greater fulfillment, and increased satisfaction from work. Are you?
Social Networking for Job Hunters
By Greg Kirkland
Sep 11, 2009
Greg Kirkland points out ways in which social networking can help you to find your next job, as well as making it the best job for you.
Public Speaking Is Not Easy, but It's Certainly Doable
By James O'Rourke
Mar 7, 2008
Great speakers may seem to perform with an ease that makes it all look effortless, but the most honest of them will tell you that it didnโ€™t come easily. It requires dedication, discipline, and a commitment to improve. You can do the same. The moment to begin is now.
Interview with David Sanders, MVP: Founding Visionary and President of Culminis — Bringing IT Together
By Stephen Ibaraki
Sep 23, 2005
Stephen Ibaraki, I.S.P., offers an exclusive interview with Dave Sanders, Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) recipient, founding visionary, and president of Culminis, the worldโ€™s largest IT Pro organization. Culminis brings together and unites into an alliance IT Pros from user group organizations/societies/associations, corporations, and academia.