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Need Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Mac or Apple i-Gadget Owner?

By  Nov 24, 2010

Topics: Gadgets & Computer Hardware

Okay, so I haven't been on a deserted island for the last three months trying to survive with just my iPhone. I've just been extremely busy keeping up with all the fun new things that Apple has decided to release into the wild in the last few months.

So, if you were patiently waiting to see the results of my experiment where I was going to survive with just my iPhone for a week, I apologize for the delay and I'll give a short synopsis later. First, let's take a look at some great gift ideas for that Apple-lover on your list.

For iPad or iPhone 4 users, My iPad and My iPhone 4th edition are fabulous resources for anyone who doesn't want to read a lot of information and would rather jump right into the task they want to accomplish. Every book in the My... series is in full-color with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. Each step is accompanied by pictures of what you see on your phone, and each picture is marked with numbered callouts that correlate to the steps, like the one I am showing here. Who couldn't use that kind of help?

Speaking of the My... series, for the iPod touch users, My iPod touch 2nd edition is also now available. This book covers the newest iPod touch, but is applicable to any touch running the current iOS.

Got a MacBook user on your list? We have a My... book for them too - My MacBook. This book covers any MacBook or MacBook Air running OS X Snow Leopard. We will be updating this book for OS X Lion in 2011, so stay tuned for that. If your MacBook user is like me and is using Microsoft Office, we also have an electronic book that's just about ready on Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. There's a lot being said about this new release of Office, so check out Using Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac at www.quepublishing.com in December to get the real scoop.

Another "surprise" that Apple tossed out this fall was iLife '11. One app in particular that I get a lot of use out of with both my camera and my iPhone is iPhoto. Got a photography buff in the house? Get them a copy of iPhoto '11 and then check back to the Que site for Using iPhoto '11 in February. There, now you have your Valentine's Day gift list wrapped up too! In addition to the print book, you receive a FREE online edition that can be accessed from anywhere. To make this even more enticing, how about we throw in some video and audio files for each chapter that go along with the examples given in the book? Well, we did. That's what our Using series is all about! Check out the other titles offered in the series (yes, for you non-Apple users too) here

Well, I guess the gift list is pretty much complete for now. If you have tough-to-buy-for folks on your list, just head on back on over to the Que home page and I'm certain you'll find a great gift idea.

Okay, I know you've been waiting. Can I live for a week with just my iPhone. Not hardly. Couldn't even make it a day that week. However, we took a vacation in October and I used it for everything. Directions to a restaurant, checking weather forecasts in the moutains, entertaining the baby on the long car ride with music from Pandora, taking photos and uploading them to Facebook, checking my personal and work email, and of course, setting our DVR to record some shows we forgot to set up before leaving home. There are many, many apps I have yet to explore, but I may report back occasionally with those I find most useful and I'd love to hear about the ones you use most often so I can check them out. Leave me a comment and I'll let you know if I like the app. Happy shopping!