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The Only Way to Create Real Content is Telling Your Story

By  Feb 8, 2011

Topics: Business & Management

The future of personal branding using digital media is the creation of content that inspires individuals to act. We are talking about a fundamental change in creating content to telling a story.

There are random times throughout my life where I have the pleasure of sitting down with Chris Baggott. Chris is co-founder of ExactTarget and now co-founder and CEO of Compendium Blogware. Our meetings always consist with some type of beverage and spirited discussion around the world of direct/internet marketing and personal branding.

We were talking about the future of online marketing and where social media, email, blogging, podcasting, search and mobile fit into the discussion around building a positive personal brand. After arguing about a few things here and there we came to the conclusion that everything is about content. Now, it does matter what type of tools you use and how you use them... but the more important thing in building a personal brand is about creating content that moves.

Chris made the comment:

Above all, it is about taking your stories... your personal stories... your client stories... your college stories... and humanizing the content. It is about telling your story to improve search and the sharing of the content. Simply put... get other people to tell the story for you. Get other people to tell YOUR story for you.

This is a conversation that happens (quite a bit) around the circles of personal branding and marketing experts. I say it all the time... I don't care about you. I don't care about what you do on a daily basis at your job. I care about how you DID something to change the world... to move the needle. Tell me a story I can relate with and you will move mountains... not just a resume across the table

Create content and personal marketing that encourage your friends and connections to talk to their friends about you.

Because the truth of the matter is...

The only people who can truly humanize your content are the people you have already served. They are also the only people (and marketing voice) that will cause potential clients or future employers to act... and buy into you.